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Welcome to Ugly Radio Reloaded and allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m the unstoppable Joe Ugly, President and General Manager of Ugly Radio. Please DO NOT confuse unstoppable with untouchable, because as I always say, anyone can be touched. At the risk of sounding religious, let me add, if they touched Jesus I know I can be touched. My point is, it’s not the obstacles in front of you, but how you go around, over, under, or my preferred route, through, is what makes you who you are.


With the reload of Ugly Radio I’ve decided to bring back the Ugly Report. And as in the past I’m sure you will not agree with everything posted in it. But that’s why there’s a comment box below. However just
know my mission is to stimulate, educate, and try to help you appreciate a different opinion than yours.


Unlike the old Ugly Report, that was posted every Tuesday with just articles or opinions from me, you now will also get them from other Ugly family members any day of the week. So I encourage you to sign up for our feed so you can get prompt notification of our ugly opinions on local, national and international headlines or just straight-up ugliness. Please note, we will be keeping it UGLY… and that’s in the true meaning of “keeping it UGLY” – (Peeling back the layers of cosmetics people put on things and viewing it in its raw). I look forward to your engagement on the Ugly Report reloaded

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